Astaphan: Protest calculated to destabilize Dominica government


(DMO) – Senior Counsel, Tony Astaphan, has said the recent protest action organized by the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) of Dominica was a “calulated attempt” to destabilize the government.

The CCM large number of Dominicans, in response to a call from the CCM, gathered next to McMillans gas station in Roseau, in the vicinity of the Electoral Office, on Saturday December the 15th to press their demands for electoral reform to the Electoral Commission.

However, Astaphan who was speaking during an interview on State-Owned Radio DBS, said there was nothing peaceful about the protest.

“This is a calculated attempt to destabilize the state when the state is well on its way to doing what we should be doing to rebuild Dominica,” he said.

Astaphan continued, “There was nothing peaceful about it. It is an attempt by Mr. Durand [Loftus Durand President of the CCM] and others, to incite violence this Christmas time when we are supposed to be celebrating the birth of Christ. These guys want to resurrect the idea of violence.”

Astaphan explained that one needs permission for any form of interference, disturbance, blocking of the roads, public roads and interfering with public traffic.

“Even if you don’t need permission to have a demonstration on a sidewalk or on private property, once you are on public road, you are obliged by law to follow the lawful authority or the lawful orders of the police which is to disburse; do not congregate on the road; do not block the road, do not interfere with traffic,” he remarked.

He added, “And as we saw on Saturday, you are not allowed to tell people to block the road with their cars.”

Meanwhile, in a statement received earlier today, Chief of Police, Daniel Carbon said no permission was granted to the CCM to stage protests on Saturday and Monday.