Antigua: Vincentian Officer Accused Of Rape Back In Jail

The Vincentian officer accused of child rape and kidnapping is back behind bars, on remand, after a High Court judge revoked his bail for breaching one of the conditions of his release.

Justice Keith Thom based his decision to revoke the bail on evidence from a witness who said the officer went to the child’s school on November 25, enquiring about her and a cellular phone which was confiscated from her some time ago.

The court heard that the corporal of police identified himself to the witness and said he was not at the school in his capacity as a police officer, but as an accused acting on legal advice to gather evidence to build his defense.

Justice Thom, who heard the application of Crown Counsel Adlai Smith to revoke bail last week, agreed with Smith in his ruling yesterday that this was a breach of the bail condition given on November 11 that he must not interfere with any witness directly or indirectly.

The officer’s name has been withheld since the Sexual Offences Act in Antigua bars publication unless the individual is convicted. He is accused of one count of rape, one count of unlawful carnal knowledge of a girl under 14 years and kidnapping.

Following the ruling, Smith is now urging witnesses in any case to report directly to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) any breach of bail conditions or interference.

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