August 13, 2020

Ambassador to Qatar highlights Cuban medical excellence

(ACN) Dukhan’s Cuban Hospital is a center of excellence in medical care with approximately 500 Cuban medical professionals providing more than 30 specialized services, said Cuban Ambassador to Qatar, Eumelio Caballero Rodriguez.

In an interview with the Gulf Times, he said that the Cuban Hospital, which began operating in January 2012, is guaranteeing excellent service not only for the population of the region for which it was conceived, but also for a growing number of Qatari citizens, expatriates and the diplomatic community that travels from Doha and other distant places to meet Cuban doctors.

This hospital, a wonderful health center that is the result of collaboration between the two countries, has become a medical center of reference throughout the Gulf region, receiving several awards from major international institutions for excellence in medical care, the diplomat told the Gulf Times website.

He noted that the health sector, highly prioritized in the social development plans of the government of Qatar, is one of the areas in which collaboration between Cuba and Qatar must continue to grow significantly.

He also said that a large number of Cuban health professionals work around the world to provide the best health care services. He pointed out that all this has been achieved despite the economic blockade imposed on his country by the United States.

We admire Qatar’s extraordinary dynamism, its patriotism and defense of national sovereignty, its well-defined strategies for economic and social development, the wise way in which it uses the prosperity of its natural resources to guarantee the well-being of its people and that of future generations, as well as its spirit of solidarity with other needy peoples, added Eumelio Caballero.

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