AFC expels Charrandas Persaud After Voting With Opposition

(STARBROEK NEWS) – Governing coalition partner the Alliance for Change (AFC) today said that it has expelled Charrandas Persaud over his vote in favour of yesterday’s no-confidence motion against the government.

The process for his recall from the National Assembly has also begun.

A statement from the AFC follows:

The Alliance For Change is shocked and betrayed by the vote of Mr. Charrandas Persaud in the National Assembly.

The party can state, categorically, that at no time did Mr. Persaud express that he had lost confidence in the APNU+AFC Coalition Government, its policies, programmes and vision. To the contrary, he gave his solemn commitment, on more than one occasion, that he will vote resoundingly against the motion.

Further, just two weeks prior, Mr. Persaud voted in favour of Budget 2019 and the Coalition Government’s plans for development and progress for our beloved Guyana.

Mr. Persaud also made a spirited, positive contribution to the debate in which he also denounced the opposition.

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