Accused drunk LIAT pilot cleared

The Liat pilot whose flight was canceled when passengers accused him of being intoxicated, has been cleared, but the association who represents the pilots is claiming “disrespect”.

Last week Tuesday, a delayed Liat 769 flight from Barbados to St Vincent was cancelled following accusations of the pilot being drunk, but President of the Leeward Islands Airline Pilots’ Association, Captain Carl Burke, says lab result showed later that there were no drugs, including alcohol, in the pilot’s system.

He explained that the pilot went to a private lab after the police station at the Grantley Adams Airport, in Barbados, could not administer a breathalyzer test.

“What we have seen here is a total lack of respect for the crew, which was displayed by the passengers,” he said.

Burke said the passengers’ behaviour could be as a result of the recent treatment of pilots by management.

“I am not too sure if it’s because of allegations being made by management about pilots being irresponsible, being always sick, of trying to cause the company harm,” Burke said.

He said, “We heard allegations coming from a particular shareholder that during the carnival, pilots called sick and go out and enjoy themselves.”

According to Burke, Liat pilots have a reputation for taking their jobs seriously.

“For years, we have seen that these pilots have taken their jobs very seriously, and I would be very curious if that happened to any of our members,” he said.

Source Observer Media

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