OneWeb increases mega-constellation to 74 satellites

(BBC) – The London-based start-up OneWeb launched another big batch of satellites on Saturday.

A Soyuz rocket lifted off from Baikonur, Kazakhstan, carrying 34 more spacecraft into orbit to continue the build-up of the firm’s broadband internet constellation.

The mission took place despite the coronavirus pandemic, which has limited much space activity elsewhere.

It also comes amid rumours the firm may consider seeking bankruptcy protection.

A report by Bloomberg on Thursday said OneWeb was examining different options it could use to stave off the difficulties of a cash crunch.

A spokesperson wouldn’t comment on those rumours, telling BBC News only that OneWeb was “focused 100% on launch”.

The Soyuz rocket left the Kazakh spaceport right on schedule at 22:06 local time (17:06 GMT) on Saturday.