Malaysian cinema ‘is covered in mould’ after 2 month coronavirus lockdown:

(DAILY MAIL) – A Malaysian cinema appears to have become covered in mould after two months of coronavirus lockdown which has already ravaged the country’s leather goods retailers.

The cinema’s purple and red seats and its carpets had been wrecked by a thick layer of mould and dust, according to the photographer in the city of Ipoh in western Perak state.

With 6,742 cases and 109 deaths, Malaysia eased movement curbs earlier this month but has kept tight restrictions on several areas where there have been new outbreaks of the COVID-19 disease.

The impacts of the strict measures were seen earlier this week on the mouldy leather bags and shoes when cleaners arrived at a shopping mall in Sabah state on the island of Borneo.

Fortunately for Malaysia’s cinemas they can have a deep clean or replace their seats, but for retailers, much of their expensive stock has had to be disposed of.

Indeed, one Malaysian Twitter user remarked: ‘This is actually a good thing for places like cinemas. Finally they can start a full cleanup after 10 years of disgusting filth and dust, time to say goodbye to the cockroaches.’

One of the bags pictured in Sabah on Monday had a price tag of £126 (679 MYR) and had been totally ruined by the mould.

Many of those commenting on social media said this was the result of shoddy air conditioning and poor maintenance by the store owners.

The Metrojaya centre, where the leather shop is located, was given a deep clean when staff returned to the building on Sunday.

A spokesman for the shop said the ‘damaged goods’ had been removed. Several cleaners in masks and hazmat suits were on Tuesday throwing out the items and giving the store deep clean.

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