Facebook is considering removing ‘like’ counts

Could this be a new trend in the social media landscape?

  • Facebook is considering hiding its “likes” tally, but hasn’t offered any concrete details.
  • Hiding likes is a feature that Facebook-owned Instagram has already begun testing in a number of different countries.
  • The company is motivated by their concern for people’s mental health, as well as a drive to increase meaningful usage of their sites.

Facebook is playing with the idea of hiding the public “like” feature that appears underneath user’s posts. Engineer Jane Manchun Wong suspected this endeavor while looking through and testing Facebook’s code — the company has since followed up and confirmed the experiment.

A Facebook spokesperson said in an email, “We are considering hiding like counts from Facebook.” The company’s higher-ups believe that, by hiding the like counter, they’ll discourage self-censorship and curb unhealthy envious behavior that could lead to stress and mental health issues.

Instagram and a number of other social media sites are either actively testing or considering implementing a similar initiative.