Martinique Records Over 2,000 COVID-19 Cases In One Week

Health officials in Martinique have warned that the Island’s health service is in danger of being overwhelmed, amid a new surge in COVID-19 cases that saw a total of 2, 241 new infections between July 12 and July 18.

The new infections, diagnosed from almost 15,000 tests,  compare with 997 cases recorded the previous week, local reports say.

Martinique has recorded a fourth consecutive week of increases in COVID-19 cases, with the total number diagnosed since the start of the pandemic amounting to 13,405 and total deaths put at 104.

Martinique 1Ere said on Tuesday that 71 patients are at the Island’s university hospital, nine of whom are in intensive care.

The online publication also disclosed that the Delta variant is progressing in Martinique and now accounts for  9% of new cases.

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