Russia Ratifies Support To Produce Sputnik V in Nicaragua

“We stand in solidarity with Nicaragua in defense of its independence and sovereignty,” Russian diplomat Lavrov pointed out.

“We stand in solidarity with Nicaragua in defense of its independence and sovereignty. We categorically reject attempts to interfere in its internal affairs,” Lavrov said after a meeting with Nicaraguan Foreign Affairs Minister Denis Moncada.

The Russian diplomat also noted that the Nicaraguan people have the right to determine their own destiny and can absolutely do so. He harshly criticized those who use “the noose of sanctions” to generate social discontent and undermine the economic development of Nicaragua and other countries.

Moncada assured that the Ortega administration continues to seek the welfare of the population and “working with the international community and friendly countries to procure stability” within his country and in Central America.

The Nicaraguan Foreign Minister also affirmed that his nation and Russia defend international law in order to “live in peace and tranquility” and thus avoid “unilateral, aggressive, and interfering measures.”

These statements come just days after the United States and its allies imposed visa restrictions on 100 Nicaraguan lawmakers, prosecutors, judges, and other officials, who were accused of “eroding” democracy.

Another key topic of the Lavrov-Moncada meeting was cooperation in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic through the production of COVID-19 vaccines in the Central American country.

“We are analyzing the application for the production of a Russian vaccine in Nicaragua,” Lavrov said and emphasized that political will for such cooperation is not lacking.

Nicaragua, which was one of the first countries to authorize the domestic use of Sputnik V, received the fifth batch of these vaccines last week. The Russian-run Latin American Institute of Biotechnology Mechnikov would manufacture the COVID-19 vaccines for Nicaragua and other countries in the region.


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  1. I knew it was only a matter of time before the “Global Establishment” would go after Nicaragua. Megufuli of Tanzania was anti-covid restrictions, The leader of Haiti was anti-Covid restrictions. BOTH ARE NOW DEAD. Lukashenko of Belarus is anti-Covid restrictions. A plot to assassinate him on May 8 was foiled, and the plans were tape-recorded. See what happens as a leader when you do not do as you are told; pressure your people to get vaccinated, lock them down, and take Covid loans from Global Banks?
    Soon we will find out more and more what this is all about!