Winston Soso – the Rolls Royce of Calypso dies

Winston ‘Soso’ Lockhart Calypso/Soca Icon Dead At 69

(Kingstown St Vincent) – Winston ‘Soso’ Lockhart, 69, one of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines’ greatest soca and calypso icons, died on Sunday from complications of kidney failure.

In June of 2020, the Vincentian Cultural Ambassador suffered from a kidney failure and was placed on dialysis treatment, since then he was unable to work. There were several fundraising efforts to assist him.

Over the past decades, ‘Soso’ thrilled music lovers with hits such as Pan yard, I don’t mind, and how some men love their woman. Many of his songs focused on the physical attributes of women. 

The Vincentian Artiste and Composer received a Life Time Achievement Award in 2016 from Vincy Care Inc for his significant contributions to music.

On the eve of his 60th birthday, ‘Soso’ declared his respect for Alston’ Becket’ Cyrus and Cyril’ Scorcher’ Thomas.

In an article published by the Vincentian Newspaper, he said, “There is this brotherly, happy feeling when we meet; we’re not there to compete against one another.”

 According to the interview with the publication, he also extended his gratitude to musical maestro Frankie Mc Intosh and record producer extraordinaire Granville Straker.

According to those who knew ‘Soso,’ he grew up confident and private, often displayed a spirited sense of humor, and looked forward to hearing people like Becket, Scorcher, Sheller, and Lifeboy sing, especially at carnival.

Many Tributes on Social Media 

SVG Solid Band “we are saddened by the news of the death of our friend and mentor, The Rolls Royce of Calypso, Mr. Winston Soso.” 

“We as a band thank you for your love, advice, and confidence in us over the years as we graced the stage with you on numerous occasions and brought musical joy to our audiences.” 

Sha Sha Jones “My heart is heavy. We have lost another Vincentian legend and icon. I have lost a friend. Winston Soso, thank you for being the selfless musician and human being that you were. Thank you for your contribution to our nation and our musical art form”. 

Hailes Castello “I have admired you from a young age. I even tried to imitate your singing style but could never duplicate it. I’ve shared the stage with you at too many venues to mention from North America to the Caribbean. Today you have left us for performances in the Great Beyond. The Ancestors will love You. I know they won’t mind. R.I.P Winston Soso“.

Colin Graham “Back in 2015 in the heart of Vincy Mas, I had the honour to sit and chat with two of SVG’s musical legends Becket and of course the Rolls-Royce of Vincy calypso Winston Soso. 

I will never forget hosting Soca Mon and introducing the one and only Soso, only to see the crowd go wild as he entered the stage dressed in only full-body speedos. He went on to win Soca Mon that year“.

Over the decades, Winston ‘Soso’ Lockhart has sung hundreds of songs, all written by him.


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  1. Collin as I read your comments it is with mixed emotions that I write this brief note. I smiled because you mentioned the full-body speedos. That was not intentional mind you. His luggage did not arrive on time hence the reason for that talk of the town outfit which will never be forgotten.

    While we remember my dear cousin Winston, please continue to pray for his mom Melvina Edwards my Dear Aunty Olive who resides in Trinidad and Tobago, his children, and other relatives and friends.

    In this time of sadness let us trust in the Lord as he is the only source of comfort and strength.