Grenada will deny entry to unvaccinated visitors as of July 31st

As of 31 July 2021, Grenada immigration officers will deny entry to any visitors who are unvaccinated against the Covid-19 virus. Children under 13 will only spend 48 hours in quarantine once they are accompanied by a fully vaccinated individual.

Health Minister Nickolas Steele during a post cabinet briefing on Tuesday, 13 July said, “Effectively immediately, persons 13 years and under travelling with a fully vaccinated party will be treated as that party, fully vaccinated with respect to quarantine.”

“So, if you are travelling with children 13 and under and you and everyone else in that party is fully vaccinated, then the entire party will only have to do 48 hours quarantine. Individuals over the age of 5 are swabbed like all other adults at the airport,” he clarified.

“Residents and citizens can return to Grenada whether vaccinated or unvaccinated,” said Steele who used the opportunity to extend an apology for those who may be affected by the announcement in a negative way. “We apologise for any inconvenience this may bring to persons. We have had consultation with the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association and other stakeholders to give them as much warning as possible,” said the health minister.

Steele said that Grenada’s low rate of infection is linked directly to the island’s strict measures at ports of entry. “To date we have been spared because of the restrictive measures that have come at a significant inconvenience to us all,” said Steele as he referred to neighbouring countries that are currently experiencing community spread of outbreaks of the virus.

Grenada began its vaccination programme in mid-February and to date less than 20% of the population who are eligible to be vaccinated have been inoculated. As of 11 July 2021, the number of individuals receiving the vaccine is 35,331 and from that number 14,910 received 2 doses.


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  1. I would ask where the logic of this comes from when the virus is at least 97% recoverable, you’ve imposed the necessary lockdown of ports and 20% of your population has accepted the vaccine.. which doesn’t fully protect nor prevent you from getting the virus again.
    Risks from the vaccine are not fully realised and there is no legal recompense being offered as a result of death serious complications resulting in its use.
    Is the minister and Government going to review this in a year or so? I, like most, have family on the islands, family who won’t/can’t use the vaccine for medical reasons.
    Might I reiterate 97% recoverable, supported by healthier lifestyles.

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