Mehul Choksi ‘Spent Huge Money’ on Dominican Opposition

( a fresh development in the Mehul Choksi case, the fugitive businessman has allegedly spent huge money on the opposition leaders in Dominica and influenced them. Opposition leader Lennox Linton has written a letter to the government of Dominica that Choksi should be handed over to Antigua.

It is believed that Choksi has managed Lennox Linton to write a letter to the Dominican government. The letter comes after reports emerged that Choksi’s brother had long meeting with opposition leader a week ago.

“The justice systems of Antigua and Dominica are under the jurisdiction of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC). His alleged misdemeanours in India notwithstanding, it is crime against humanity to violently remove Mr Choksi from his constitutional rights and rule of law protection in one part of the ECSC jurisdiction to another part for the benefit of those who want to short-circuit the extradition proceedings for his return to India,” the letter of the opposition leader reads.

Dominica has two opposition MPs and 19 are from the government. Opposition leader Linton demanded that Choksi should be handed over to Antigua. “It is time to stop this unnecessary scandal in Dominica’s international affairs and that simply means ending the court matters in Dominica with a consent order by Mehul Choksi and his Dominican prosecutors that he is returned to Antigua and Barbuda without further delay,” the letter adds.

However, the Indian government see this as an abuse of money power being used to protect Choksi. The Indian government is actively engaged with Dominica to seek early deportation of fugitive diamond merchant Mehul Choksi and his handover to India, the Ministry of External Affairs said. A Dominican magistrate court adjourned till June 25 the hearing into alleged illegal entry of Choki into the Caribbean island nation, local media there had reported earlier this week.

Choksi has been earlier denied bail by the high court in Dominica on the grounds that he is a flight risk. Choksi had alleged that he was abducted from Antigua by the Indian and Antiguan police officers along with his friend, Barbara Jarabik, who was part of the plot according to his version of events, on May 23.

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