Woman Alleges Dead Babies Stacked, Decomposing And Draining Fluid In Gov’t Morgue

(Kingstown – St Vincent) – Itrition Selassie, a 42year mother of Calder, while speaking on HOT97 says, what she saw at St Vincent and the Grenadines Government-owned mortuary was the most horrific scene she has ever behold.

Selassie has sought the services of a Lawyer to get answers from the island’s main health facility, the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, about an autopsy performed on her three-month-old baby without consent.

The 42yro mother said while that matter is now in the hands of her lawyer, the sight of dead babies swimming in their fluid will remain with her forever.

The Horrific Scene

I was going to go back to the morgue and do a Facebook live right there and show the world what was happening, but for some reason, I could not, and because of the young man there, I did not want to get him in trouble.”

“I had to cry; I felt pain. I said the world needs to see this, none of the babies were tagged, all of the babies on top of each other”.

“I’m thinking this can’t be okay, because I had a chance to live in Canada for 13 years of my life, so I have experience with the outside world, and what I consider to be a high standard, that was the lowest I’ve ever seen of any standard, I mean that was low”.

“Yes, my son was there, all of them dripping body fluids because they are rotting. I saw that, and if you look at my son’s body, think about him being in a pool with other babies. And if you look at him, he’s already deteriorating”.

“The young man explained their brains are sucked out everything gone, they have been there for months, no one came.”

“So I asked why you guys have them packed on each other like that, fluids running, smelling; the man said to me, I’m going to have to dig up your baby now. I said, what, you mean you have to go dig up for my baby? I thought that he was wrapped beautifully in that blanket that I gave them”.

“They were in a cooler like you have a draw, you pull it out, and you look inside, and everybody’s on everybody. There’s no name tag, nothing. There’s nothing, just dead babies piled on each other, rotting; that’s what made me cry; that’s what made me angry”. 

“I’m saying you listen to me. I have all of the evidence this is not a nine-day talk, the gruesomeness that I saw there, and I know what my children went through. I am hurting; I’m hurting”. 

The 42yro old mother said the autopsy on her three-month-old baby was done in December 2020, and the baby was never released until May 2021.

Efforts to reach the Hospital Administrator for comment were futile.

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