Drivers Worried About Land Slippage In Ratho Mill

Drivers Worried About Land Slippage In Ratho Mill

Motorists traversing the Windward highway are worried about what appears to be a land slippage on the left side of the road just opposite Jax Wall in Ratho Mill.

Beachgoers were the first to alert News784, followed by several van drivers.

Several Beachgoers said they noticed the land slippage as they walk the stretch of road leading to Canash Beach.

“It more than likely started following the heavy rains we had after the eruption because I frequent the beach and never notice it until late April,” a Beachegoers told News784.

Several van drivers said that multiple passengers who access transport in the said area told them about the road on more than one occasion.

“I am concerned, every time I reach here, I remember what happened on the other side, so this is of importance and should be looked into soon,” a bus driver told News784.

When News784 contacted BRAGSA, an official told us they were unaware of that situation, and field officers would make the relevant checks.

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