CWSA Linking Hermitage And Layou Water Supply

Communities in Layou and South Leeward are expected to have a better water supply following the joining of the two systems.

Chief Executive Officer of the CWSA Garth Saunders said The Central Water and Sewerage Authority is currently linking the Hermitage water supply system with the Layou water supply system.

CWSA’s move should lead to greater flexibility in water supply in the Layou and South Leeward areas.

“We are also in the process of linking the Herimatge; that’s the North Leeward water supply source; with the Layou water supply system, the Hermitage water supply system, many of you may not know this, has an overcapacity, it’s able to supply many more areas than it currently does,” Saunders said.

Mr. Saunders said that by linking these systems, Layou would be given an option for water supply in the event that their system encounters any issues.

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