31 New COVID Cases From Super Spreader Events Reported In St Vincent

St Vincent And The Grenadines Active Cases Now 211

SVG Reporting Thirty-one (31) new COVID-19 positive cases

Thirty-one (31) new COVID-19 positive cases were reported from two hundred and twenty-one samples processed on Wednesday, June 9th, 2021, resulting in a positivity rate of 14.0%.

Cases include persons who work in environments with low vaccination coverage and those who attended various events known to be high risk for spread.

Twenty-seven (27) new recoveries were noted over the reporting period. Two hundred and thirty-one (231) cases are currently active and twelve (12) persons with COVID-19 have died.

Two thousand one hundred and thirty-two (2132) cases of COVID-19 and eighteen hundred and eighty-nine (1889) recoveries have been recorded in St. Vincent and the Grenadines since March 2020.

Persons who persist in incorrect or no mask use, remain unvaccinated, and participate in mass gatherings will continue to be at risk for being infected and spreading COVID-19, as is happening now.

The public is urged to continue to use masks, sanitize, physically distance, and get vaccinated to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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Comments (2)

  1. Is it really so that if a person is vaccinated, it lessens or prevents him or her from contracting or spreading Covid? From my understanding, a vaccinated person will be protecting vital organs from being severely damaged, but he or she can still get infected and can still pass on the virus to another person. So to me, it is misleading to say that a vaccinated person helps to prevent the spread of Covid, or is less likely to get infected. Whether or not a person takes the vaccine, he or she can still get infected and pass on the virus to someone else.
    I do hope that this message is published as I kindly exercise my right to freedom of opinion and expression. Thank you.

  2. A fully vaccinated person is less likely to spread the covid-19 virus, this is becasue they are more likely to be asymptomatic (showing no symptoms). Research suggests that persons showing no symptoms are 43% less likely to spread the virus when compared to symptomatic people. This indicates that the vaccine does not prevent you from contracting the virus but it reduces the risk of the virus negatively affecting your personal health and the risk of you spreading it to others. Specifically, according to studies on the astra zenica vaccine more than 70% of fully vaccinated persons become asymptomatic if they contract the virus and those that become symptomaitc (~30%), none become hospitalized. With this in mind, it is correct to say that vaccinated person can contract the virus, but it is also correct that vaccinated helps to prevent the spread of the virus. Best of luck to you.