“You Cannot Charge Nelson And Forgive Morgan, It’s Joint Enterprise”: Lawyer

Lawyer Kay Bacchus Baptiste while speaking on Hot 97 earlier this week said, according to the information she has received; it would appear that one of the individuals who is a person of interest to the police in the Cornelius John matter may be charged. In contrast, a second person of interest in the same matter may not be.

Cornelius John in April told News784 he was maltreated and shot on his property by whom he could only describe by their actions as gangsters.

“My inside information is that the attempt is to pin it on Assistant DPP Karim Nelson because allegedly he’s the one that shot Mr John, so he’s the one that might be charged. Then Mr John may be charged, might be charged as well. This is what I am getting”.

“That’s why you heard the Prime Minister Press Secretary say, forgive her, she only threatened him, forgive her, I was forgiven.”

“Let me just say this, in law; you can’t excuse Senator Morgan for what she did and charge Nelson; it is a joint enterprise, a common purpose, they went there together.”

“After the shooting, according to my client, the Senator took a gun and threatened him. But you know what’s bothering me? In all of this, I don’t know if they were given a caution statement; if they did, we would like to know”.

Cornelius John told News784 that on the afternoon of April 13th, he was sitting on a block in his unfinished porch when three persons, one woman and two men dressed in jeans, t-shirts, and masks and caps, entered his property without prior warning.

He said the taller of the men walked up to him and began kicking him in the stomach, which caused him to defecate on himself.

“While I was lying in pain on the ground, he pulls out his gun, cranked it, and told me; you want to kill the Senator? You want to kill the Senator?” and he proceeded to hold down my left foot and shoot me in it.”

The 62-year Hypertensive told News784 that the woman who entered his property along with the other two men pointed a gun to his face and told him if he called her name in any conversation, she would shoot him in the mouth. He identified the woman as Government Senator and Deputy Speaker of the House of Parliament, Ashelle Morgan.

John told News784 that while he did not recognize the third person, that individual stated that what was transpiring was not called for and walked away.

When lawyer Kay Bacchus Baptiste was asked if she knows who the third person is, she said, I do.

“I believe I do. He’s a driver, not a policeman, he is a driver, he drives for someone”.

“Am still not going to release a name yet; it is the responsibility of the Police Commissioner.”

“In our courts here, the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police are charged with revealing the name of persons they are investigating in a situation like this. So in something like this, where you are saying that this man is accused, he was part and parcel of a party that is accusing my client of assaulting him, and I’m trying to find out the name, and they have not revealed it yet, come on”.

When asked how soon the public should know who the third person is, Bacchus Baptiste said;

“There is no deadline; however, there should be a reasonable time for such.”

June 13th would be two months since the incident occurred. The police have issued no official release, nor has there been any arrest or charges laid against anyone.

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Comments (4)

  1. Just a question from a legal perspective, the third unnamed person. Can he not charged for the tort of trespassing even though he walked away from the joint enterprise?

  2. Wendell the answer is yes he can be charged even if he didn’t lift a finger it is called LAW OF PARTIES he was part of a joint enterprise .

  3. This so-called third person with no name will not be charged with any wrongdoing because the one(s)protecting the allege assailants KNOW if that ever happen he will implicate the ones the system is trying to protect.It will be like opening Pandora’s box and they can’t afford that so they will let him remain in the shadows.Well for now.

  4. The fact is that the civilian Cornelius John got shot by someone’s gun and, some sort of reasonable action has to be taken via a LAW of the SVG land. Therefore, the investigation has to identify the perpetrator and; if the pin gets stuck on Assistant DPP Karim Nelson “because allegedly he’s the one that shot Mr John”, then so be it, and if the investigation alleged that Mr Cornelius John might be charged as well, then ‘justice should prevail under the Court of LAW’.
    As Lawyer Bacchus so clearly said “ in ‘LAW’; you can’t excuse Senator Morgan for what she did and charge Nelson; it is a joint enterprise, a common purpose, they went there together.”
    What is so apparent, in following the foregoing within SVG, is that the island is possessed of specialists of all categories, but of very low values; stemmed through party-political rivalries, where fresh appointees are placed through nepotism and very little opportunity to job tail amongst those who lead with proper moral principles. Then you wander why even those of Inter Faith Leadership have so little voice in being impartial examples of the land.
    The ultimate is that this all goes right back to the weakening of our PM Ralph Gonsalves, a man who’s Education Revolution Dream has today; revolved sadness due to the disappointment of a high percentage of these deemed intellectuals.