Cornelius John Saga: “They Are Hell-Bent On Arresting And Charging My Client”

Cornelius John Saga: “They Are Hell-Bent On Arresting And Charging My Client”

Almost two months to the day that Diamond resident Cornelius John was beaten and shot on his private property, by whom he described as gangsters and thugs, the hypothesis that a cutlass was involved has now arisen.

Bacchus Baptiste, speaking on the radio, said it appears that the latest twist is concocted.

“I’m telling you from my perspective, it seems concocted; it seems that they never intended to investigate this matter. But the public and right-thinking Vincentians have placed so much pressure on them that they come now with the story of a cutlass”.

“If there were a cutlass, that is the first thing you would ask Mr. John when he gave a statement over seven weeks ago; that’s the first thing you would ask him. You do not wait seven weeks to come and ask; the same thing transpired with the witnesses”.

“You would ask was there a cutlass because I know eyewitness were interviewed maybe four to five weeks after the incident; you mean to tell me, you did not know about the cutlass then, When you were interviewing the witnesses.”

Asked When she thinks the actual investigation started, Bacchus Baptiste responded by saying that is a difficult one.

“That’s a difficult one for me to say because I know that the eyewitness was not interviewed until after I wrote a letter to the police, saying to them that I know that there is a witness and about a week and a half after my letter the eyewitness was interviewed.”

“The police were well aware of the eyewitness from day one, because the police told them on the scene and called the witness by name, but they never took a statement until I put pressure on the Commissioner of Police to get that statement, that was clear to me, that they did not intend to investigate.”

When asked if the investigation is over as was reported, Bacchus said, “if they are now coming to look for a cutlass, well, I guess not.”

“I was there when they were taking measurements of various things, things that you do at the start of an investigation.”

“It is very perplexing; you think our Prime Minister just said that the investigation is concluded and we are waiting on the DPP? You think he just lost it”.

Bacchus Baptiste said she is being told that the assailants made a report against her client.

“But you know what is strange, they have never said to him, never, in all the eight weeks exactly what he was supposed to have done. But, of course, in the basic natural justice, if you are accused of something, you tell the person what they are accused of”.

“How in God’s name, a Commissioner of Police and the Director of Prosecutions will wait eight weeks to tell this man that he is being accused of, and up to Sunday, they did not say what he was being accused of. They simply said, was a cutlass there, we need to take a caution statement”.

“They are hell-bent on arresting and charging my client,” Bacchus Baptiste said.


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  1. I didnt know St. Vincent was such a corrupt place! OMG! Very said that this man cannot receive justice. Know that the World is watching. Dont go to St. Vincent people! Dangerous place

  2. Even if Mr John had a cutlass the fact is that he was on his property when those rogue government officials a allegedly entered as trespassers.He had the right to defend himself there is no law against that well except for this country.