Lawyer: Police Confirms Senator Ashelle Morgan Does Not Have A Licensed Firearm

Lawyer Kay Bacchus Baptiste on Tuesday 8th June, in a Facebook posting, said that embattled government Senator Ashelle Morgan does not have a licensed firearm.

Bacchus Baptiste is Lawyer for Cornelius John, who alleged that Morgan pointed a gun at him and said if he calls her name, he will be shot.

The alleged threat was made following an incident on John’s property which took place on April 13th, and which also left him with a bullet wound in the leg.

Bacchus Baptiste made the revelation in a Facebook posting;

“Police confirms Ashelle does not have a licensed firearm. That’s serious jail time”, the lawyer posted.

This is a developing story

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Comments (3)

  1. A FELONY CRIME was committed when Mr. JOHN was shot with a gun in his leg. The evidence of the serious injury EXISTS. The medical personnel or institution that treated him for his injury have evidence and witness of such serious violation of the law of the land. We have not determined the illogical option that Mr. John may have shot himself. The matter surely MUST HAVE BEEN REPORTED by Mr. John, and, by law, the medical or hospital authorities. Mr. John, the shot and bullied victim, has publicly identified certain of my CRIMINAL ASSAILANTS. Has the police and the AG’s office CHARGED the suspected or ACCUSED culprits with this dastardly crime and breach of the public peace? Has the Parliament or Speaker of the SVG House of Assembly TAKEN SANCTIONS or PUNITIVE ACTION against any accused official or worker that may have been involved — even if only SUSPENSION OF CMEMBERSHIP AND PRIVILEGES and docking of any remuneration/pay, if only AT HALF PAY basis, until the matter is juridically resolved? Has SVG descended into the WORST, BACKWATER, LAUGHING STOCK PETTY COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP and the law of the jungle ?

  2. Serious jail time are you dreaming?Let me laugh like a clown,serious jail time is only for those who don’t have a guardian angel like the big one who is protecting the allege assailants from day one of this fiasco.Don’t kid yourself it is not humanly possible for a government official to do time under this regime.It’s not illegal to dream but the dream only last while you sleep.

  3. Put them in prison and give me the keys, I will deal with them good and proper,and that’s a promise