Calder Ridge Man Arrested After Woman Stabbed On Her Left Breast

Press Release – On 05.06.2021, Police arrested and charged Richie James, a 35-year-old farmer of Calder Ridge with two counts of wounding.

According to investigations carried out, the Accused man allegedly unlawfully and maliciously wounded a 25 years old conductor of Calder Ridge by stabbing him on the left side of his head with a pair of scissors.

In addition, he was further charged with also unlawfully and maliciously wounding a 23-year-old unemployed of the same address by stabbing her on her left breast and left shoulder with a pair of scissors. Both incidents occurred at Little Tokyo, Kingstown on 24.11.2020.

The Accused will appear before the Magistrate Court to answer the charges.

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  1. Goodness what is going on in St Vincent that’s two such incidents that I’ve just read so tragic