American Airlines Confirms “Bird Strike” For Max 8 Aborted Takeoff In St Vincent

American Airlines Confirms “Bird Strike” For Max 8 Aborted Takeoff In St Vincent

Updated 16.41 AST – 7.6.2021

(By Ernesto Cooke) – On Monday afternoon, American Airlines told News784 via email correspondence that “Bird Strike” was the cause for the Boeing 737 Max 8 rejected takeoff from Argyle International Airport, in St Vincent, on June 5.

The flight destined for Miami was set to depart from (AIA) around 3:55 p.m last Saturday; however, sources on that day told News784 that pilots were forced to apply the brake close to the takeoff point.

In the update statement, American Airlines had this to say;

“We can confirm it was a bird strike, and our maintenance team is in SVG with the aircraft. They will further inspect and complete any needed repairs”.

In an earlier statement to this media house, An American Spokesperson said;

“On June 5, American Airlines flight 1427 with service from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVD) to MIA safely returned to the gate before takeoff due to a possible mechanical issue”. 

The spokesperson also indicated no reported injuries, and all passengers were provided with food and hotel accommodations. 

On Sunday, aviation consultant James Lynch told News784 that there could have been many reasons why the AA crew using the Boeing MAX 737 had to abort the takeoff.

“Based on footage obtained, I saw a lot of dust, back at the start of the takeoff roll. So one cause may be volcanic dust retarding the acceleration. It could have also been the same dust from when it landed. You could have seen it was not developing full thrust on the engines”. 

American Airlines spokesperson, speaking to us on Monday afternoon, rejected that theory saying;

“Volcanic ash wasn’t the cause of the maintenance issue. Rather, it was a suspected bird strike”.

Up to press time on Monday, airport officials on the island did not issue any statement on the incident.

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  1. Please don’t expect airport officials to issue any statement the boss is not here to authorize one but I suspect someone will be left holding the financial bag for this .