Martinique: Probe Discovers 16 Minors In Prostitution Ring

A probe in Martinique has discovered 48 females, including 16 minors, involved in a prostitution ring. The youngest female is a mere 12 years old, local reports say.

As a result of the investigation, into prostitution, pimping and rape, police have arrested five people. According to Martinique 1 Ere, the detainees include the manager of a hotel.

The publication reports that the females are lured by a man pretending to be a photographer. The man is accompanied by a woman in order to gain the confidence of unsuspecting young girls.

He then invites the girls to photography sessions with a promise of a career that could bring lots of cash.

But after the girls are coaxed into being photographed while scantily dressed or naked, they are subject to blackmail and forced into prostitution or raped.

Officials say girls or women in social difficulties have allowed themselves to be seduced by the lure of money. Public Prosecutor, Renaud Gaudeul, described the case as a great tragedy.

Martinique 1 Ere quoted him as saying that the victims will have great difficulty rebuilding their lives.

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