Florida man throws baby at cops after high-speed chase

Florida man throws baby at cops after high-speed chase

(NY DAILY NEWS) – A Florida man threw a 2-month-old baby at police officers last week as they closed in on foot after a high-speed car chase.

An officer caught the child, who was unharmed, according to police. The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office shared video of the arrest on Friday.

Cops said John Henry James, 32, was driving erratically in Vero Beach, Fla., on May 26. An officer attempted to pull James over, but he sped off instead, according to an arrest report. That led to a chase through the city, about 125 miles north of Miami.

Officers followed James and tried to stop him, but their initial attempts failed and the chase continued until the cops finally got him with a spike strip, according to the report. James bailed out on foot and ran through an apartment complex, child in hand.

As multiple officers closed in, James threw the child. Officer Jacob Curby caught the kid in midair.

“It was kind of awkward. I couldn’t chase him, I couldn’t tackle him, not a whole lot I can do because he had the baby,” Curby told local CBS affiliate WPEC. “He just turned around, no regard, not a little toss or anything, he just turned around, overhand threw this 2-month-old at me from about 6 feet away.”

James told police after the arrest that he was having trouble breathing due to asthma, according to the arrest report. Cops took him to a local fire station and then a hospital. He was cleared to leave the hospital June 1 and taken to Indian River County jail, Tampa NBC affiliate WFLA reported.

James is charged with several felonies, including two counts of aggravated child abuse, according to online jail records.

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