Barbados preparing to welcome its first cruise in more than a year

Barbados set to welcome first cruise passengers in more than a year

Barbados will welcome Celebrity Millennium at the Bridgetown Port on Monday, June 7, its first cruise in more than a year. All passengers and crew are fully vaccinated.

According to Barbados Today the country’s Minister of Tourism Senator Lisa Cummins, made the announcement during a COVID-19 Update and repeated that visitors coming to the island via the air and seaports, must have a negative PCR test three days prior to arrival.

“There is testing that is going to be taking place on board the ships that will make sure that people are continually kept safe … Then when they [visitors] land in Barbados via the airport, they are going to be taken via a sterile corridor to the port where they then have to be subjected to further screening in order to embark on the ship, which is homeported here in Barbados. But what’s most important is that so far, what we have begun is vaccinated only cruises. So 100 per cent of the persons on these ships will be vaccinated,” she said.

The Minister said the Celebrity Millennium will be leaving St Maarten where it is homeporting and the first stop will be Barbados.

“On the particular vessel arriving on Monday, there will be 630 persons on board that vessel. Typically when we have cruise visitors we are used to very higher numbers, so we would normally have a vessel which comes in with 1500, 3000, sometimes up to 6000 could be on a single ship.

“So ships are sailing at 50 per cent of capacity so they are not sailing with all the cabins filled as they would have done. And so they are now at 630 persons on this particular ship but we could go as high, later on, as much as 1500 persons because the ship has the capacity to accommodate 3000,” she said.

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