Public urged to prepare water storage for hurricane season

With the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane season now upon us, CEO of the Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA) Mr. Garth Saunders is urging Vincentians to ensure that they have 2-4 days worth of water stored in the event that the expected high winds and heavy rainfall causes flooding, land slippage, blockages to rivers and possibly dislodging of some of the CWSA’s pipelines.

“In every community in St. Vincent we need the population to be alerted to the fact that you can lose your water supply system in the aftermath of heavy rainfall event” he said.

Mr. Saunders said that the CWSA requires that all citizens be in a state of readiness and preparedness in terms of their water supply.

“We ask that you try as far as possible to have storage capacity in your homes for two to four days. This is so because we have to give the CWSA’s staff time to do damage assessment, to plan a response and to actually carry out reconstruction where and when necessary.” Saunders said.

The 2021 Atlantic Hurricane season commenced on June 1st 2021, and activity this season is expected to be above normal.

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