St Vincent Participates In Global Women’s Sailing Festival

St Vincent Participates in Global Women’s Sailing Festival

(PR) – Last Saturday at Blue Lagoon, over 30 Women and Girl sailors, some experienced, some first-timers, enjoyed a day’s sailing to show SVG’s support of World Sailing’s Global Women’s Sailing Initiative.

Supported by the International Olympic Committee Development Fund, this initiative aims to introduce women and girls across the globe to the sport of sailing.

Two separate events in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres brought together sailing communities from all backgrounds, cultures and nations at the same time.

For most, it was a fun day on the water but there were also races for the more competitive with Rohanna Warren, Scarlett Hadley and Louise Mitchell taking the honours.

St Vincent Participates in Global Women’s Sailing Festival
Louise Mitchell (Helm) and Vanessa Hadley (Crew)

Anna Tunnicliffe, Olympic Sailing Gold medalist, Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year 2009-2011 and niece of SVG Sailing Association President Jenny Trumble said:

“As a strong advocate of women’s sailing, I think it’s awesome to see SVG, a nation with a proud sailing heritage, participating in the Global Women’s Festival. I hope this encourages more women and girls to take up sailing for fun or competition.

Who knows? We may discover a new Olympic champion. Way to go Auntie Jenny. “

David Graham, World Sailing CEO said:

“Growing female participation in sailing is a key part of delivering against the International Olympic Committee’s Agenda and we are committed to ensuring women and girls around the world have sufficient access to our sport.”

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