Minister Caesar Urge Farmers “To Tie Their Animals”

With the eruption of the La Soufriere volcano, the best course of action for many of SVG’s farmers was set their animals free, allowing them to roam, as this was the safest option for the animals.

But now that activity at La Soufriere has significantly decreased, Minister of Agriculture Hon. Saboto Caesar is encouraging farmers with loose animals, to restrain them.

“Once you can get access to your animals, please tie your animals, if you don’t do it, the government is going to put a system in place where we are going to have them confined to a particular space,” he said.

Minister Caesar said that while farmers who are primarily involved in crop production, are understanding of why the animals are loose initially, the government is now receiving from these farmers, pertaining to the animals.

“The farmers who are into crop production, they understood a week after the last explosive eruption, two weeks, three weeks, you know that the animals had to be on the loose. But we are receiving, on a day-to-day basis, a lot of complaints from the farmers, stating that some farmers are just allowing their animals to go wild.” Minister Caesar said.

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