Jamaican Singer Dalton Harris Reveals Male Partner

2018 ‘X Factor’ winner Dalton Harris who in 2020 declared that he is Pansexual took another step in confirming his sexuality. This time he’s showing off his male partner and talking deeply about their love, something he did not do in the past.

As expected, many Jamaicans are not happy with the move by Dalton, however according to Dalton he feels like he’s “floating” when he is with his partner. He outlined that, “I hate all men, but when he loves me, I feel like I’m floating/ when he calls me pretty, I feel like somebody/ even when we fade eventually to nothing/ you will always be my favorite form of loving.”

In a video posted to Tiktok, Harris can be seen walking dogs with his partner, he even kissed him in one instance. “I am overwhelmed by the love. It all leads back to LOVE. And it starts with ME.” he also said on Instagram.

The “Cry” singer seems comfortable and accepting reality as is, knowing that the people who are currently in his circle are there for him and most importantly love him as a human. He earlier stated, “somethings are worth fighting for whilst others aren’t”.

For the past three years, most Jamaicans and Dalton have not been seeing eye to eye with him claiming in one instance that he was scared for his life while living in Jamaica. It’s also widely known that Harris and his mother does not get along well, his former manager Donovan Germain also distanced himself from the singer after his Pansexual statement.

Dalton’s performances during the 2018 edition of the ‘X Factor ‘ were described as very impressive and inspiring. The Jamaican singer made history becoming the first foreign act to win the popular UK talent show.

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  1. Dalton as a gay man myself you could have lived your life in private or atleast be a little more successful
    stop reading the negatives as you would not see the opportunities ahead. You have more to loose than gain.