Lord Ashcroft’s Daughter-In-Law Jasmine Hartin, Awaiting Arraignment In Belize

Belize gripped by arrest of Ashcroft son’s partner over officer’s death

American daughter-in-law of British billionaire ‘is set to be charged’

Arraignment for Lord Ashcroft’s daughter in Law Jasmine Hartin, is yet to begin in the Central American nation of Belize.

Sources suggest Hartin could be charged with manslaughter, in what she has characterized as the accidental shooting of Superintendent Henry Jemmott.

According to sources, police are awaiting the Director of Public Prosecutions to instruct them on what charge should be brought.

Regardless of the charge, police are expected to object to bail, though manslaughter under Belize laws is a bailable offence,

According to persons familiar with the matter, Hartin’s attorney Godfrey Smith would press the court for bail. If the charge is manslaughter, no plea would be taken at the lower court.

Hartin remains in custody.

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  1. i hope this matter will not be a whitewash due to her colour many white people do murderous crime and because of rheir colour they get away with it..