Never Forget: Kahili, Shanika, And Jeremy Still Missing

Never Forget: Kahili, Shanika, And Jeremy Still Missing

St Vincent: Plagued By Mysterious Disappearances

Kahili “Q” Ollivierre: Missing 5 years

Menelaus “Servant of the Lord” Jocelyn Missing 10 Years

Godfrey Ashton: Missing 10 Years

Jeremy Riley: Missing 1 Year 

Shanika Small: Missing 10 Years

(By Ernesto Cooke) – Kahili Ollivierre, popularly known as” Q,” is still missing after almost five years. On 4th August 2016, he was last seen speaking with a young man outside Dougan’s shop in Calliaqua.

Speaking with NEWS784 in 2016 from her New York home, Maxine Ollivierre, the mother of the missing youth, said, the last time she spoke with her son was in July of 2016, there was no indication she said that he might have been in any trouble with anyone, so his disappearance came as a shock to her.

On Friday 28th May, Ollivierre told us that all of her pleadings since 2016 for information went unheard. However, her faith is strong, and someday conscience would give answers.

“He is forever with me; we are a small society, sometimes people say things, but one day, one day.”

“It is tough – you cannot just disappear from small St Vincent like this, you cannot…I just don’t know,” Ollivierre lamented.

Ollivierre said that she had found out her son was missing on Sunday, 7th August 2016. 

The mother said she tried over the period to call her son’s phone, send text messages, and WhatsApp messages, all to no avail.

Police on the island in September of 2016, acting on information, had concentrated their search in the Fenton Mountain area, along with questioning villagers near the site; those searches yielded no results.

4th August 2021 would make five years since Kahili’s disappearance.

The island continues to be plagued by other mysterious disappearances; among them is Cane Garden resident Menelaus “Servant of the Lord” Jocelyn; he went missing on 26th December 2011. 

Godfrey Ashton of Rose Hall, missing since December 2011. 

Jeremy Riley, a chauffeur of New Adelphi, was last seen on 26th April 2020.  

One of the country’s most shocking disappearances was that of Beliar resident Shanika Small in October 2011. 


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  1. People in St.Vincent:
    In the name of GOD THROUGH HIS SON JESUS CHRIST🙏 start talking.The HOLY GHOST has got his eyes on the guilty ones therefore is watching and waiting. Families are suffering and looking for answers and without answers we know God will take action against the families of the people involved in the disappearances and there children, children’s children for
    generations to come. Its called the CURSE.

  2. Others missing include Gershon Woods missing since 2017. He was on trial along with Collin Coco David who was convicted for carring a gun with a licence. Terrance Shallow of Kelbourney missing since january 2017 is still a mistery.