SVG: New Incentives For Vaccination; Phone Cards, Discount At Supermarkets

SVG: New Incentives For Vaccination; Phone Cards, Discount At Supermarkets

(By Ernesto Cooke) – On vaccine hesitancy in St Vincent and the Grenadines, Deputy Prime Minister Montgomery Daniel said the Ministry of Health would be involved in a new vaccine reintroduction campaign.

Daniel said the ministry feels there must be new outreach programs to assist in the uptake.

“They have offered to the cabinet an incentivizing programme, where a lottery can be established, and that can be done in two phases. One when the first thirty thousand persons have been vaccinated, they can benefit. Two, when the full fifty thousand persons are vaccinated, the second lottery can be drawn”.

“They are looking at where phone cards can be given to vaccinated individuals, and where services from both private and public sector entities can be offered as well.”

“If an individual is fully vaccinated, whenever you turn up for a service at any entity, let’s say, for instance, at a supermarket, you can have that arrangement where a discount can be given to you on items being purchased.”

“These are just some of the new initiatives that the Ministry of Health have recommended, and with all of this, the cabinet would have pondered on these and would have by and large accepted the recommendations coming forward.”

Several countries have introduced new initiatives to their population where there is a low vaccine uptake.

As of May 26th, over 19,000 doses of vaccines have been administered in St Vincent and the Grenadines. 

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  1. My father above help us in regards to vaccine hesitancy:There is another solution,Why dont the Governments order the vaccine companies to wave there no liabilities order against the covid19 vaccines they are producing and supplying. By them the pharmaceutical companies legally being allowed to sign not going to prison for any disabilities/ long term illnesses/ or murder! meaning waving liabilities or responsibility for fatalities even (DEATH) It means they have an AGENDA in satans name. That is why our God(I AM THAT I AM ) sent messages through the holy bible (Scriptures”)and as we have now reached “Revelations” the last days. Meaning the beast is now with us on earth hence bigger money making companies who dont care whether we live or died. Jesus said: money is the root of all evil. So true, therefore Vincentian people put your trust in God because as you know we come from the tortured in every way (Souls of Slaves) Hopefully those very souls with rise up very soon and fight for us so there souls can finally rest because nothing is getting better for our people only worse after reading about vaccine hesitancy and carrot stick now benefits yet now of the nine billionaires who made money from covid-19 vaccines is not sharing or giving the people who have lost their lives family or suffered not even a cent. However remember ancestors we know what happened to them. Having a vaccine is your choice but pray to GOD first.

  2. Everything in SVG under the government have to be done through bribery, WHY. You dont have money to spend on the necessary things in the country like fixing the nasty dirty broken down hospitals and clinics and fixing the roads throughout “SVG” but you have money to do lottery, where is that money coming from. You people should be ashamed of yourselves, how could you guys sleep at nights knowing what your are doing to the people of SVG, the same people that put you there the one you bought at election. When one is poor and vulnerable others will always take advantage of them and that is what you guys are doing to your own people, but, nothing last forever your reign will one day come to an end

  3. Everyone seems to be blaming the government and it’s cronies for what’s going on in svg
    Now look again it’s the blously ( made up ) PEOPLE TO BLAME THEY ARE IN A DEEP SLEEP ( ACOMA )