Limited Operations Allowed Within The Red Zone

The Hon. Montgomery Daniel, this country’s Deputy Prime Minister has reiterated that the red zone remains off-limits but, limited operations have been permitted by the authorities.

“The volcanologist has identified the position that there should be limited operations within the red zone, and so we are asking individuals t still not to go into the red zone for any long period of time.”

Minister Daniel however indicated that the authorities have permitted persons to enter the red zones, to facilitate limited operations.

“There are a number of farmers who still have animals in those areas and they would want to go back and look after their animals and we have accepted that one can go back and look after their animals”

He also said that the authorities have allowed persons to enter the red zone to clean their homes.

“We have also accepted the fact that people can go back and start doing some cleaning of their properties in the red zone but that is just for a limited time really,” The Deputy Prime Minister said.

The La Soufriere volcano explosively erupted on Friday, April 9th, causing many to have to leave their homes in the red and orange zones, making these zones off-limits,  however, authorities are now giving the green light for many of them to return home.

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