Chaos In East Kingstown Over Use Of Roseau Recreational Park

Attempts made to boot exercise program while icebox and beer boxes welcomed on playground In Roseau

Villagers on Wednesday stood their against attempts to halt the health and fitness exercise program at a public playground at Roseau.

Interestingly, while attempts were being made to halt the fitness and health exercise program, a group with an icebox and cases of beer were on one side of the playground.

A security guard from a private security firm was also brought to the recreational facility.

Except for an instance where the guard spoke to a young lady trying to access the park via one of the gates, there was no other interaction observed involving the security guard.

The exercise program, which started with footballer Peter Cambridge and netballer Debbie Lavia, quickly attracted more participants in weeks and more enthusiasts have expressed interest.

As interests grew, the participants chose the name Sion Hill Sweaters to reflect the participation of the people mostly from the community.

For weeks, the program had been conducted in a peaceful environment much to the appreciation of residents of the community. However, Tuesday saw tension brewing as letters, without letterhead, and without stamp, addressed to Caswell “Peter” Cambridge and purported to have come from the Roseau Recreational Park Management Committee were circulated.

NEWS784 was able to obtain copies of those letters.

The first letter, dated May 25, 2021, and signed by Jerusha Fitzpatrick as secretary, stated that the playground was being used for the exercise program “without reference” to the management committee, hence it was a “breach of procedure.”

The letter suggested that the exercise program be moved to another location or be suspended “until the situation can be regularized.”

“We are open to receiving a request from your organisation for the use of the park, subject to terms and conditions,” the letter further stated.

The exercise session streamed live on Facebook, was held at the same venue. That said evening another letter without letterhead, without stamp and addressed to Caswell “Peter” Cambridge, was circulated.

The letter again purported to have been from the said recreational park management committee and signed by Jerusha Fitzpatrick, said it was noted that Cambridge “acted in defiance of our earlier letter.”

“We must now order you to discontinue your use of the park with immediate effect.

This order will be enforced,” the letter stated. The letter was marked copied to the Commissioner of Police.

The letters did not cite any legislation or order or rules or regulation that were being violated and under which legal proceedings can be instituted.

Meanwhile, when the participants showed up this afternoon, Cambridge was not present but the exercise session was conducted. The participants, backed by the youth and mature residents, went into the park.

While they were exercising for better health and fitness, there was a group not in any way affiliated, that had an icebox and drinks on the other end.

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