OXFAM Urges Biden To Remove US Blockade Against Cuba

(TELESUR) – The U.S. blockade caused the island over US$5.57 billion in damages from April 2019 to March 2020.

“We urge Washington to return to the path of normalization of relations with Cuba,” Gentili urged after presenting an OXFAM report on the impact of U.S. unilateral restrictive measures on the daily lives of Cuban people.

The White House sanctions “slow down the island’s development and relations with other countries. The blockade’s removal and a change in U.S. policy toward Cuba are more urgent now than ever. The country is facing an unprecedented crisis due to COVID-19,” she said.

The report “Right to Live Without a Blockade: Impacts of U.S. Sanctions on Cuba and their Women” asserts that hostilities against Cuba deepen its economic crisis and hinder access to supplies, medicines, technologies, and basic goods.

“Cuba has put the protection of its people at the center of its fight against the pandemic. The government’s efforts to sustain the economy amid the health emergency are incalculable,” the official noted.

According to OXFAM, 78 percent of Cuban girls and women were born under the impact of U.S. unilateral measures, which limit the rights won by them in the Caribbean nation.

“If the blockade did not exist, Cuba could increase social protection of those who need it most, guarantee women’s rights, and develop the private sector,” Gentili concluded.

According to Cuba’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, the U.S. blockade caused the island over US$5.57 billion in damages from April 2019 to March 2020.

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  1. They should tell Cuba to come back to democratic ruling and let the people elect the leader of their choice. And tell them to stop marginalize black people. Black people in Cuba meeting hell and the Caribbean leaders knows about this and saying nothing. When Cuba gives scholarships to people is not only to benefit them but also to recollenize them and so many of our politicians and policie makes have been brains wash by Cuba the Caribbean politicians are full of simperty for Cuba including our dictator. But we should demand from Cuba answers about their involvement in Grenada and their plans for st vincent after Grenada became a communist country full time.And who politicians in st vincent was in touch with the Russians and the Cubans to bring communism to st vincent and Grenadines. Sorry that’s not a question we knows who he is 7%is more than 10%.