Major Hiccup: 14,000lbs Of Fish Scheduled For Export Still In SVG

(Kingstown) – 14,000lbs of fish scheduled to be exported from St. Vincent and the Grenadines on Tuesday, 25th May, is still on the island, and there is no confirmed date for export as yet.

According to reports, the large shipment of yellowfin tuna was being processed through the Input Warehouse-operated Fish Export Centre in Kingstown by a private agent. 

Although the high seas vessels arrived on time at the fish market’s jetty, the Input warehouse did not make the facility available on time, the for hours agreed as requested by the private shipper.

This delay prevented the timely processing of the tunas that subsequently missed the Miami flight. An export agent close to the shipper explained that the fish was purchased for the “long Memorial Day weekend in the US and was expected to be with customers before the weekend.”

Another fish processing establishment, however, shipped 15,000lbs of tuna from their government leased facility. If all had gone according to plans, yesterday would have been one of the most significant shipment days of tunas in the country’s history.

Workers of the exporting company that missed the flight were seen late last night, ensuring that the consignment fish was preserved. 

The Minister of Fisheries, Chief Fisheries Officer, and the Manager of the Input Warehouse were also seen at the fish market witnessing the ordeal.

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  1. Nothing new!…Government ( public servants and statutory employees) are some of the most incompetent worker. Some just innately untrainable, others are political assignees – who feel they run things and characteristically defy authority, some demoralised from years of abuse and others whose authority has been stripped and are just rubber stampers.

    If it were the private sector, persons would have been fired and due to these actions , mistakes like these would have been eliminated.