Carrot On A Stick Approach Needed To Persuade Vincies In Taking The COVID Jab

Chartered Accountant Stephen Joachim, while appearing on the Issue At Hand program, says a “carrot on a stick” approach needs to be taken to incentivize Vincentians to take the COVID vaccine.

“There needs to be a carrot on a stick approach. If you’re in Tourism, Grenada Government has announced basically that as far as they’re concerned, COVID vaccines are going to be mandatory in the Tourism sector, we are going to have to do something similar.” Joachim said.

Joachim stated that if SVG fails to get vaccination numbers up, there may be no hope for Virgin Atlantic to fly to the country.

“Virgin Atlantic was supposed to come here in June; Virgin Atlantic has postponed now, I believe until October, is what I heard. If we don’t get our vaccinations up, Virgin Atlantic is not coming to St. Vincent and the Grenadines because we’re either going to be on the amber or red list in Britain, and they’re not going to come.” He said.

A Virgin Atlantic spokesperson told News784 on Tuesday, May 18, the following.

“We look forward to operating the first flights from Europe to St Vincent on Oct. 13, 2021, expecting it will be safe to do so”.

Mr. Joachim said that if SVG’s vaccination numbers remain low while others rise, it could potentially put the country at a severe disadvantage.

“Canada now has one of the highest vaccination rates globally, approximately fifty percent of their population so far, the United States is very similar. When they get their levels above a certain stage, you know what’s going to happen? They’re going to play hardball with the rest of us and say, “we’re not coming, or our citizens are not coming to your country and taking the risk of bringing back a new variant for us.” Are we prepared to understand the impact of that on our economy?”

Air Canada media relations told NEWS784 on Monday, May 25, that the airline is planning to resume service to St. Vincent on Sept. 13, 2021, with one weekly flight.

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Comments (11)

  1. Mr Joachim why don’ you get your head examine?If you want the vaccine then take it and keep your trap secure.Why suggest it be forced on the people?The last time I checked SVG is still a democratic country.Fools die for want of wisdom,check out the history of vaccines you will find the answer.There was always a hidden agenda when it comes to vaccination especially when administered in the so called third world countries so, you grab the carrot from the stick BUGS BUNNY it contain lots of iron.Poor you.

  2. Thanks in the name ofJesus Christ I believe in God
    “IAM” the ruler of this world because with tales like that I REBUKE in the name of God through his on Jesus Christ Mr Joachim.
    Dont try to put fear in Gods people on earth its a sin which the almighty will eventually act upon so stop preaching the devils words and let the I Am (God) do his Job in regards to guidance by touching his people souls on what is “good or not” for them in order of vaccines made by man. GOD NEVER SLEEPS 🙏

  3. Mr. Joachim has an interesting approach to a covid-19 response. The carrot on a stick approach. The original of that parable is a carrot is tied to a stick dangling in front of the beast-of-burden’s face to encourage it to walk by always pursuing the carrot, but never being able to get it, therefore the beast-of-burden continues to walk through any perils, wherever the master directs it. Please let him know massa-day-dun.
    We have more murders in this country than covid-19 death however, I do not hear his solution to that problem. While every death is one too many for any illness or accident, the current number in SVG are as follows;

    of total covid cases of population
    Population 110,000
    Total covid-19 cases 1,989 1.808%
    Active cases 148 7.441% 0.135%
    Covid-19 deaths reported 12 0.603% 0.011%
    Recovered covid-19 cases 1,829 91.956% 1.663%

    How does this justify threatening people with termination or other measures and jeopardizing their health? What about those people who are allergic? Mr. Joachim makes absolutely no sense, but nothing new there. He being being a Chartered Accountant tell me one thing, money before humanity, prosperity before health.

  4. Come on VINCENTIANS open up your head and minds and do as the rest of the world does it don’t hurts them it wont hurts you

  5. Stephen will I agree that we should get vaccinated and I see some places in the USA offering incentives to get vaccinated and have no problem with that idea I do not think using fear tactics is the right way.
    Let’s think about it for a minute, why would the “fully” vaccinated nation not allow their people to go on vacation? After all, it’s not the vaccinated person that will get ill it will be our unvaccinated people that will fall ill.
    1. So get creative with the incentives to have each hotel put up $5,000 and give everyone who gets vaccinated a ticket for a weekly drawing.
    2. Have the supermarkets give a basket of groceries for a month and give everyone who gets vaccinated a ticket for a weekly drawing.
    You get the idea if people won’t just do it for their health give them another reason to do so because the alternative is deadly when the tourist return to our Island, remember a vaccinated person will still bring the virus even though they are less likely to get seriously ill by the virus.

  6. Man let me tell you something plain and simple you sound very stupid. When you start talking about mandatory vaccination. You and people like James Mitchell only speaking for u all self.Poor people don’t travel often and they don’t have hotel and when they work in the hotel they don’t even pay them good. They can’t buy land much more to build homes they can’t educate their children without begging they can’t feed themselves properly after paying rent or higher purchase so who the hell gave a shit as to who wants to fly to st vincent from England how come you did not publicly condem England and the EU for sending us a couple million for the volcano relief. That affected the whole country. But they can send 42 million to Palestine and the people who fight for Palestine the EU call them terrorists.

  7. In response to those people who opposed Mr Joachim’s suggestion that the government of St.Vincent and the Grenadines Should use the carrots and stick approach as an incentive to help or get the people of SVG to take the vaccine. I do strongly believe that these opponents are wrong. They are merely political opportunist. These people are unpatriotic, they hate the honorable Prime Minister and his government. They are highly hypocritical both politically and religiously they
    are cognizant of the fact that should the. Vincentian people refuse to take the Covit 19’s vaccine the country will not be able to reach the horde immune level. Thus the economy and its social activities will suffer greatly. Consequently, life and living conditions will be very difficult. These so called experts on the merits and efficacy vaccine taking would go about blaming the ULP’s Government and they and their colleagues will vigorously advocate for a change of Government. It is their hope that their party will form Government in SVG. They are of the misconception that lots of the people are gullible and can be easily misled to believe lies. When last I checked a true DEMOCRATIC Country chooses its government through the free and fair electoral process VIA the polls, in which all of its eligibility citizens are allowed to participate in the process of voting. The party/ leader that wins is then given the mandate to governm. National policies are legislated through this elected government in parliament. RALPH GONSALVES IS THE PRIME MINISTER AND THE ULP IS THE GOVERNING PARTY ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE. THUS HE (DR .THE RIGHT HONORABLE RALPH E. GONSALVES) IS MAKING THE RIGHT AND INTELLIGENT POLICIES POLITICALLY, ON BEHALF OF YOU THE PEOPLE of STATE OF SVG. He is doing Marvelous and excellent job. He LOVES SVG, and he loves you the people of St.Vincent and the Grenadines He Kindly beg/ask you to be vaccinated. Please listen and take heed to his wise counseling.
    Please take the Vaccine my dear fellow Vincentian. ST.VINCENT MUST RISE. She must be rebuilt to GREATER HEIGHTS Please do take the vaccine now God bless you and God bless SVG.

    1. You almost sound intelligent but very much misguided and blind or simply ignore reality.

      This is not about herd immunity or people’s health. God created the world and all life but there are men who plays god.

      They say the world’s population is too high.

  8. More Covid derangement syndrome. The real goal is to get as many people as possible to take the Gates vaccines. This is mostly about money. There is no concern whatsoever about people’s health.

  9. MR Frederick l truly understands your reasoning but in this case dislike for the prime Minister is not an issue. And politics the opposition leader and members are encouraging supporters to be vaccinated. But this also is a personal issue.So don’t make Satan speaking true the Government fool you