Cornelius John Took Money From No One; Third Person Remains Elusive

Cornelius John Took Money From No One; Third Person Remains Elusive, My Client Needs Justice

(By Ernesto Cooke) – Kay Bacchus Baptiste, Lawyer for Cornelius John, a 62yro resident of Diamond who was shot in the leg on April 13, said her meeting with the media on Friday, May 21, was for Mr. John to tell the public how he feels about the delay of justice.

St Vincent Government Senator Accused of Threatening To Shoot Man In The Mouth

Bacchus Baptiste said, “St Vincent is a country of laws, the rule of law is on trial, the administration of justice demands that these assailants be detained, investigated, and some charges be brought against them.”

“My client is hurting, this is five weeks, and not one individual has been detained in my client’s matter; he is crying out for justice,” Bacchus Baptiste said.

Bacchus Baptiste said it is being rumored that her client has comprised.

“There is a rumor, its all over, that Mr John has compromised, he has taken money, and that he is withdrawing the charges.”

“First of all, I would say that he is entitled to get some compensation, but that is a civil matter, and we will be dealing with that, but where the criminal matter is concerned to even try to take money to drop a criminal matter is against the law, it is an offence.” 

Bacchus Baptiste said she believes the rumor is malicious.

“I believe it is malicious; it is designed to sidetrack people or get them to drop the issue because they believe that the matter is settled, behind us.”

Cornelius John speaking to the media on Friday, May 21, said he did not take money from anyone.

“I have not taken money from anyone to settle any matter. As far as I am concern, this matter is not about me alone. It’s about the citizens, law-abiding persons who want to live here peacefully. If they can do this injustice to me, it will be a practice continuing to other people”.

“I am calling on the Commissioner of police, the Christian Council, and the Bar Association to see that justice is served.”

“If we are supposed to be a country of laws and someone feels they are above the law, shoot anybody and run around, I don’t think, I will say, God forbid, but I don’t think it will be the end, it will be a continuation if they are allowed to go free.”

John said he is still experiencing pain in his abdomen whenever he urinates or defecates.

He says the business has suffered since the incident and continues to. 

Waiting For Third Person To Be Identified

Lawyer Kay Bacchus Baptiste said she is still waiting to know who is the third person to enter her client’s yard on April 13, when he was shot in the leg.

I have information as to who it might be, but there is no reason for the commissioner of police to be hiding the name of this person, even for the safety and security of Vincentians.

“I ask myself whether it is because he (the third person) appeared to have decided to withdraw from the common design that they came there for and that he would be a good witness to support my client’s case.”

“Is that why they are hiding his name”?

Bacchus Baptiste said the issue is now a public matter and justice demands that we know who the third person is.

“It is necessary so that I can interview him on behalf of my client, and certainly, I don’t know if the police have taken a statement from him yet. We are entitled to know all of this.”

Commissioner of Police Colin John, speaking to the Searchlight Newspaper In late April said, Ashelle Morgan and Karim Nelson are persons of interest in the Cornelius John matter. However, he did not identify the third individual.

Bacchus Baptiste stated that there is a witness who gave a statement.

“The witness has been interviewed over a week now; however, there is still no change in the matter.”

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Comments (2)

  1. Come on Commissioner of Police!
    How far have you gotten with the investigation? Why is it so difficult to say who did what!
    Many citizens are appalled at this crisis based on what has been reported in the media.
    Why must it take so long to get the truth of the matter? Someone was shot by someone. There is no doubt about that.
    As a victim of domestic violence myself, I would hate to think that the Commissioner of Police is unable to help protect me from my abuser.
    I continue to live in fear of being killed and I am wondering how many other persons live with similar fears.
    For me, there is an increasing atmosphere of fear.
    Please help Commissioner of Police. Speak soonest the truth and speak it ever! Cause it what it will!