Ceasefire Between Israel and Hamas Entered Into Force

(TELESUR) – At least 1,900 Palestinians were injured and 232 died as a result of 11 days of Israeli bombardment in Gaza.

On Thursday night, the Israeli security cabinet approved the Egyptian-brokered ceasefire with Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip. The decision came after a 2.5-hour discussion and was “unanimously” approved by the ministers.

Egypt informed the Islamic Resistance Movement that Israel had agreed to a ceasefire, “and therefore we also agreed to the ceasefire,” Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem said.

Egypt will send security delegations to Israel and Palestine to ensure the implementation of the ceasefire, news agency MENA reported.

Following the announcement of the ceasefire, the international community has expressed support for the immediate end to the massive bloodshed.

“I commend Egypt and Qatar for the efforts carried out, in close coordination with the UN, to help restore calm to Gaza and Israel,” the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, calling on all sides to observe the ceasefire.

U.S. President Joe Biden welcomed the ceasefire, expressing “sincere gratitude” to Egypt’s President al-Sisi for brokering the deal.

European Council President Charles Michel called on all parties to seize the opportunity to achieve peace and security for all.

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