BARBADOS: Doctors Support Government In Keeping Sunday Restriction

Docs support Sunday restriction in Barbados

President of the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners Dr Lynda Williams is in full agreement with Government to keep automarts and supermarkets closed on Sundays.

Her comments have come as supermarket and automart owners continue to lobby Government to allow them to open their establishments on Sundays, with some warning that job layoffs could be on the horizon if they are not allowed to open fully.

Earlier this week president of the Petroleum Dealers Association of Barbados (PDAB) Aldo Ho-Kong-King contended that businesses were losing thousands of dollars by being forced to remain closed on Sundays and bank holidays.

Under the current COVID-19 directives, supermarkets are only allowed to open from Monday to Saturday. Gas stations can open only to sell petrol or car-related products on Sundays.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY, Dr Williams said she supported Attorney General Dale Marshall’s decision to keep Sunday off limits to most commercial activity.

She said while Barbados was doing relatively well in the fight against COVID-19, she cautioned that the situation could change very quickly.

“I will admit that from a business perspective it seems to be a bit inconsistent because they would say if other businesses are operating then why not me? But from a health perspective, I can see that the less places you have for gatherings, that still matters overall.

“Pay attention to what’s happening in Trinidad, pay attention to our neighbours, pay attention to what’s happening in other countries. What I want people to pay attention to is how quickly health systems can be overrun by COVID. People say it’s only five percent of people who get COVID that need incubation but even that is still a great burden on health systems and things like the need for oxygen, the need for ventilators, the need for beds, and the need for manpower. Those are things that are very real to us, so anything that we do we need to go cautiously,” Williams said.

Source Barbados Today

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  1. I am hearing the calls from all of these people to open so that they will keep jobs.
    Is this that they could keep jobs or is it that they see how they could use this Covid-19 to make more money?
    Just think on this fora moment. These supermarkets in a pandemic made more profits in that period than outside of the pandemic for the same period.
    Have you checked the lines at the big supermarkets?
    Have you seen how they have been using less staff to do the same work?