St Vincent And The Grenadines Launches New Electronic Passports

The Caribbean nation of St Vincent and the Grenadines on Monday 17th May 2021, launched new Epassports for its citizens, diplomats, and officials.

The Passports and Immigration Department on May 13th advised that it would begin issuing new forty-eight (48) page Electronic Passports, otherwise known as Epassports as Monday 17th.

These passports contain highly secured features and are of high quality. The pages of these passports contain photographs of various sites and monuments in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

As a result, there will be a slight increase in the costs for this new forty-eight (48) page Epassports, effective Monday 17th May 2021, as follows:

 Under 16 years $100.00

16 years and over $200.00

Additional fees including those for live photographs, replacements, and express services remain the same.

The following adjustments to fees will also take place:

• Extension of stay  75.00 per month or part thereof

• Overstayers fee     100.00

• Citizenship by Descent stamp  100.00


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Comments (2)

  1. My current Vincentian is expired and I am currently living abroad.
    How can I renew and apply for the new ePassport format?

  2. Why do we need a 48 page passport? Can someone please explain it to me? Me thinks, this is another attempt at extorting the people, just like the salt taxes some time ago. The poor People of SVG will take anything handed to them with no questions asked. Just like the miserable stamp Philately. SVG postage stamps are worth next to nothing; has no real value because of it. You could have easily made double the amount for the same money or less. This like selling yourself and taking the cash.