The US Does Not Urge Immediate Halt To Israeli Attacks in Gaza

The UN Secretary Guterres, however, warned that the spiral of violence could trigger dangerous instability throughout the Middle East.

Although she said the U.S. would offer its good offices should the parties seek a cease-fire, she made no direct mention of Israeli bombardment of Palestinian territories.

Replicating her country’s traditional position, Thomas-Greenfield did not condemn the Israeli state but called on Hamas and other Palestinian groups to “immediately stop rocket attacks and other provocations.”

After vaguely referring to evictions in Jerusalem, the U.S. diplomat also called on the warring parties to “respect the historic status quo of holy sites.”

This was the third occasion that the UN Security Council has met to address the Palestinian problem. So far, this institution has not officially pronounced itself due to the U.S. stance.

Nevertheless, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for an immediate halt to the fighting between Israelis and Palestinians.

“I am appalled by the increasing number of Palestinian civilian casualties, including many women and children, from Israeli attacks in Gaza. I also deplore the Israeli deaths from rockets launched from Gaza,” he said.

“The hostilities have already caused unimaginable death, immense suffering, and damage to vital infrastructure,” Guterres pointed out, warning that the escalating spiral of violence could trigger a humanitarian crisis, unstoppable security problems, and dangerous instability throughout the Middle East.

Besides demanding safety for civilian staff and journalists working in Gaza, the UN secretary deplored the Israeli attack on a refugee camp where ten members of one family were killed.


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