United States Announces US$3.8 Million Relief Package for St. Vincent

The US Provides 3.8 Million In Emergency Aid For Volcano Ravaged St Vincent

(By Ernesto Cooke)- Kingstown – On Friday 14th May, the United States through its Ambassador to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Linda S. Taglialatela, announced USD 3.8 Million in emergency assistance for volcano ravaged St Vincent.

The Ambassador speaking capital city Kingstown, said the donation which comes through USAID adds to the United States ongoing commitment to the island and increases the United States contribution to Five Million dollars.

“We began our efforts with the first sign that the volcano was showing signs of unrest, this by bringing seismic equipment, setting up a station, and collaborating with the UWI SRC on tracking what the volcano might be doing, since then, we have continued to contribute to international partners to assist St Vincent.”

The Ambassador stated that the 3.8 million dollars would go towards essential things, such as emergency food, safe drinking water, and Hygiene kits.

Ambassador Taglialatela said the assistance would also provide an avenue for which they can better facilitate the movement of supplies while presenting additional support to the infrastructure.

“We are donating money through the UN Appeal; the money would be handed to our humanitarian partners, who are the WFP, International Red Cross, UNICEF, and PAHO. We would work with them on the use of the money and maintaining and monitoring the programs”.

“I have to say the United States is committed to assisting St Vincent and the Grenadines in this time; we are partners, we are friends, we are close allies.”

Ambassador Linda S. Taglialatela also announced in Kingstown that the United States Southern Command had committed Four Million dollars to St Vincent and NEMO through the US humanitarian program.

The money would be used for training and equipment, the renovation of shelter and warehouse, and a donation of two field hospitals available in case of further natural disasters.

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  1. I wish some nation or person would send aid stipulating that it must go to access roads and bridges for farmers to be able to reach their farms so that we can WORK our own way out of these problems.