Should COP Be Concerned About Activist Facebook Comment

Social media is buzzing following a comment made by popular activist Kenson King. The comment came under a posting made by NDP’s PRO Lavern King on Tuesday.

The comment had such an effect that a spokesperson from a concerned citizens group spoke to News784 about it.

The spokesperson who reached out to us said, “while King’s posting would have been a reaction to a possible conversation between her and the Commissioner of Police, we found his comment reprehensible.”

“Had such an occurrence taken place between the COP and the NDP’s PRO, the COP would have suffered injuries of a criminal nature at the hands of Mr King.”

“I mean, these are the things that we should safeguard against. Apparently, he forgot why he was protesting?”.

Meanwhile, the group of Concerned citizens also spoke to News784 about the heavy presence of Police in the parliament yard last Tuesday.

“The response of the police was a bit over the top, riot gear and bearing of tear gas guns were not called for, we did not see any real threat to the police or members of parliament.”

The spokesperson indicated that they would be calling on the Prime Minister to let his appointed Senator step back from her official duties until the investigation is over, which was the leading cause of the protest on Tuesday.

“The Prime Minister should not dismiss the growing discontent by the public; it must not be taken lightly as it could trigger serious unrest in the future,” the spokesperson for the group noted.

Let’s all seek to build a new St Vincent, and the Grenadines is the group’s mission.

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Comments (2)

  1. King comment did not constitute the least of misdemeanor which is a threat. This is how vulnerable the commissioner of police an idle and common conversation between two people is an issue that required the abuse of state resources. This is bull shit.

  2. This so call “concerned citizen group” found Kenson King comment reprehensible, “Are you kidding me! Your focus should be on all the malfeasance conduct that is taking place in St Vincent and the Grenadines, but here you are failing to acknowledge the seriousness of the current situation at hand. Please take your blinders off!!
    What is reprehensible Mr. John has been shot on April 13.2021, one month now by some brazen perpetrators who trespasses on his property and no one has been charge or arrested?
    What is” reprehensible “the commissioner of police should be relieved of his post, for not doing his duty of upholding the law of the land and arrest the alleged criminal whom he names as persons of interest for committing this heinous crime on Mr. John? He instead chooses to attend a protest where he is going around like a bully, invading people personal space and assaulting them by pushing his hand in their faces?
    What is” reprehensible” is having an impudent person who is an alleged criminal sitting in parliament (aka the peoples house)?
    So, before you divert your attention to Kenon’s harmless Facebook post, you should fulminate against the lawlessness that is happening on the ground. No one is above the law, regardless of who you are. It is a shame that Mr. King should be punished for his written words but gangsters going around with guns physically harming people in their home and been praise by the PM. GOD NAH SLEEP. “EVERYDAY BUCKET AH GO AH WELL, BUT ONEDAY EH BUTTOM AH GO DROP OUT”.