BEIRUT: Rockets were fired at Israel from south Lebanon Thursday night, Lebanese security sources said, in apparent support of Palestinians confronting Israeli attacks on Gaza.

They said four rockets were fired from the outskirts of Qlieleh village close to the border. The sources said the rockets appear to have been aimed at Shlomi and Nahariya in northern Israel. At least two of the rockets fell in Lebanese territories, while it was not immediately clear where the other two landed.

The Israeli army confirmed three rockets had been fired from south Lebanon but but landed in the Mediterranean Sea, causing no damage or casualties

There was no immediate word from U.N. peaekeepers in the area.

The sources said the firing of the rockets did not appear to be the work of Hezbollah. Palestinian factions have a presence in south Lebanon refugee camps and in previous rounds of violence in Gaza, a few rockets had been fired from the same area at Israel.

The security sources said Lebanese Army intelligence identified the car that the attackers used and trying to identify and aprehend them.