Ironic! I Raised A Question Of Alleged Criminality, And Am The One Thrown Out

“What happened in the house of parliament in St Vincent and the Grenadines on Tuesday 11th May was a travesty of Justice” Leader of the Opposition Godwin Friday.

Speaking outside of parliament, Friday said we are going a down road, and it’s time Vincentians say our democracy matters.

“I, the Opposition leader, was thrown out of parliament for raising the most reasonable objection; I have not accused anybody, I have not convicted anybody, all I said is what was done in every country and most recently in Jamaica.”

The Opposition leader asked the Speaker of the house to use her discretion concerning an allegation involving government Senator Ashelle Morgan.

“You have a serious offense; you have an allegation hanging over your head, you withdraw, unless you feel it doesn’t matter, that you can stand behind technicalities and rules and say that the larger principle of decency and decorum of the house does not matter when you have a public official involve in a matter of this sort.”

NDP Statement On Allegations Against Senator And Assistant DPP

“Nobody is convicting anyone, all we say is withdraw, but no, the leader of the opposition is kicked out of the house where the people’s business is being conducted, and am not accused of anything, but a senator is there seated”.

“They sent a whole bunch of Black Squad people to kick us out, but we saw this play before, nobody ain’t breaking we back this time.”

Friday, speaking on his Facebook page, had this to say;

“We went to do the business of the people in the highest precinct of the land, and there is a senator against whom serious allegations were made; the allegations involve a shooting incident and the beating of a person, it is alleged that the senator was involved.”

“The police commissioner said there is an investigation going on, all we are saying given the seriousness of the allegations, you cannot sit in the chamber and carry on as if its business as usual, withdraw, and if that does not happen, the Prime Minister can suspend her until such time that the investigation is over and it takes its course.”

“But instead, police officers were dressed, armed, and ready to take me out of the chamber; how ironic that here I am raising a question of alleged criminality, and I am the one for raising it was thrown out of the house.”

“This is why I say in St Vincent and the Grenadines we have to stand our ground.”

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Comments (6)

  1. The Prime Minister cannot comment on an ongoing investigation yet the Opposition Leader kept on trying to make him give a comment on the said on going investigation. Even the speaker of the house indicated to Dr. Friday that no comment can be given due to the investigation being on going yet he still persisted in trying to get the Prime Minister to talk about the matter. While I do not think it was right for the senator to be there while the investigation is on going, the House of Assembly, in my opinion, was neither the time nor the place to try and force the Prime Minister to comment on a matter of which he legally cannot comment on.

  2. Friday is dishonest. He needs to state the reason given for the speaker’s decision regarding that session of parliament. I followed the session. He kept disregarding the ruling of the speaker. You can’t have higher authority in the house than the speaker. Since the results of last general elections here, Friday behaves as if he is head of government. Time for Friday and NDP to accept reality. Time he behaves as a mature human.

  3. Confused citizen, you really are confused between right and wrong, decency and indecency. When citizens cannot get true and real answers, when citizens cannot get true and real action from the police and politicians. The house of assembly is exactly the place questions should be asked. When a politician is elected the electorate expect of them to represent and speak for the in parliament.
    Dr Friday was doing what he was elected to do, he was expressing the will of the people in parliament to be heard on such a serious matter.
    What happened to Dr Friday once again exposes the filth emanating from the ULP government and in particular its leadership.
    So we must not mix up the difference between confused and gross ignorance.

  4. Leader of the Opposition…
    You took a stand. I support the comments you are making.
    The Senator should step aside until the matter is cleared.

  5. Ironic that a man who is in the parliament illegally should be asking for someone to stand down. Neither of them should be there.