Anti – Government Protest: Parliament Gate Chained Up In St Vincent

(Kingstown, St Vincent)Anti-government protesters held a protest action on Tuesday outside parliament on the Caribbean island of St Vincent.

The protesters said the issue of a Government Senator and Assistant DPP or Gungate as they call it, is a matter of the rule of law and equal rights and justice for all.

By mid-afternoon, the gates to the parliament were chained up, as protesters became enraged after a request by the opposition leader to have the government senator who is under investigation removed from the assembly was denied.

“This is not about party politics, as the evil manipulators will have you to believe,” one protester shouted.

A Government senator has been accused of threatening to shoot a 62yro block-maker following an incident at his residence on April 13. The 62yro was shot in the leg by another individual on the same date.

A woman holds a placard outside St Vincent’s parliament

Media reports on the island say that the Assistant DPP has taken leave from work, while a third individual implicated in the scandal has not been named.

On Monday, local lawyer Kay Bacchus Baptiste said she knows the rank of the third individual, suggesting the person could be a law enforcement officer.

Protester Phillip Jackson spoke to News784; “Today is a critical day in our nation. We have come to a very critical fork in the road. This is a fight for the soul of our nation”.

“The evil manipulators are trying to buy your consciences wholesale by injecting politics to satisfy their worship-seeking egos. Stop selling yourselves and your children like this”. Another protester said.

Parliament is meeting to have a supplementary estimate of over one hundred million dollars for, among other things, reconstruction in the Red Zone following explosive eruptions at La Soufriere.

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Comments (4)

  1. A handful of people will not do what it meant to do it need almost the whole country to get results people you all come together as one don’t make one man control your lives

  2. I would like to encourage the commissioner of police please don’t let the Kumrod influence him to engage in any violent acts under the guise of the law against your own black people. It’s time for us as black people you included Mr Commissioner to wake the hell up and realize the Kurod is using our people including you Sir, for his personal gian .

  3. A sad day indeed in this country!
    The Senator has to step aside! It is imperative that she does so!
    Allow for due process of law!
    This is too much nonsense now!

  4. Does anyone check to see if any house member carries a firearm into parliament? If someone is willing to threaten to shoot a man on his own property in the mouth they are capable of anything including secret nesting activities with controlling principles of office.