Lawyer Says PM Should Take His Own Advice And “Shut His Mouth”

Lawyer Kay Bacchus Baptiste speaking on Hot97’s AM Mayhem on Monday morning, said, after reading a letter written by the Prime Minister which was sent to Kenton Chance of IWN and copied to various media houses, said she thinks the PM should take his own advice and “shut his mouth.”

Bacchus Baptiste said it is interesting to note that his letter was circulated after an IWN report.

“It was pointed out in the report that the wife of Cornelius John said she was not present when an incident occurred where her husband was shot.”

“The report shows very clearly that what he was suggesting in a recent recording is not the truth.”

“I want to ask the Prime Minister if he is so inarticulate and can no longer express himself clearly so that most persons listening to what he had to say would come away with the wrong impression, Ralph you have to do better than that,” Bacchus Baptiste Said.

Bacchus Baptiste went on to say, “Let me ask him this question also.”

“If what he was saying is that what he thought the NDP would say, did Ashelle call the NDP? Where would NDP get information about two women being involved and defending women? Where would that come from”.

“Where would we concoct such information? The NDP did not even know about whether two women were involved”, Bacchus Baptiste said.

“All the NDP know is what the man said, that three persons came into his yard, trespass, attacked him, and shot him. The issue of two women being involved and defending women came from the Prime Minister; where would the NDP get that sort of detail from”.

“He told us that Ashelle called him; he must remember that Vincentians are not stupid, and this is now an attempt to shut up the media, myself and Jomo Thomas. He can’t make that. This is what this is, an attempt to do such; all Vincentians are very clear about what happened. To this date, I have not heard him say that the Senator should step down or at least resign or at least be sidelined until this investigation is over”.

“I have not heard him call for a full investigation, I have heard him say the DPP is going to do it, I have not heard him say in all his utterings that what happened is something that is wrong and needs investigation; in fact, he appears to be more condemning the media and telling people to shut up, and trying to sideline what he said, it is obvious to me.”

Bacchus Baptiste said she does not understand why he is continually speaking about the incident and has not done what everyone is waiting for him to say.

When asked by the radio host if she had listened to the Prime Minister’s recording, she said yes; however, she has not changed her opinion on what he said.

“I know the man; he is clever, this was a setup, this was to introduce self-defense in defense of women. Is he saying now that violence against women is not rampant anymore? Is he saying now that a man should not defend a woman? Because that is what NDP would say and that is not the truth, everything he said, if you analyze it, it does not make sense, it adds up to one thing, he wants to excuse and keep people’s mouths shut”.

“It appears to me that they want to shift now to self-defense instead of self-defense of a woman, so now that the defense of a woman is no longer tenable based on what the wife had said, it is going to be self-defense of themselves, but, whatever it is it will not hold because there is an eye witness who knows what happened.”

“All of this could have been avoided if he had kept his reckless mouth shut.”

“Unless he is going to say what any right-thinking Prime Minister would, where your appointed Senator is embroiled in something like this, he should shut his mouth.”

Bacchus Baptiste said with all that has been said; she does not know how he can go back on it.

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Comments (3)

  1. Well said Kay.At least he can’t intimidate or shut you up the man has become so complacent that he is showing his real colors .How can the leader of a country blatantly condone such despicable acts committed by the very people he appointed to represent the people of this state then turn around and try to muzzle the free media I think such a leader is one sandwich short of a picnic basket or the power gone to the brain but remember the mighty Babylon fell and so was the mighty Roman Empire.I can hardly wait to see the end of this empire and as for Mr KC you are doing a wonderful job I love IWN keep up the good work.

  2. I didn’t hear the exchange on Radio by PM but is now reading this news article.
    I noted the comments from the learned counsel on the matter.
    Let me say this clearly.
    A crime has been committed. Three persons are implicated.
    An investigation is supposed to be done and this is to be done by the Commissioner of Police.
    This crime cannot go unpunished like so many others.
    Trust me…
    If these perpetrators are given a mere reprimand then I am even more in danger of losing my own life prematurely.
    Where are the voices of the Christian Community to condemn this?
    Don’t mix up the issues PM. Let the accused speak the truth for themselves.
    We’re they reckless in their actions? Did they act out of malice or revenge? Did they foresee what their actions would have brought about? Was this a situation about taking matters in their own hands?
    Was it a case that they are above the law? Is it a situation that they felt it was okay to do what they appeared to have done?
    Is this a joint venture and if it is, then the rule of law, the courts of justice, must it be muzzled?
    Justice must be done. No one is above the law.