I Have Information On The Rank Of The Third Person Says, Lawyer

Kay Bacchus Baptiste, the lawyer for Cornelius John of Diamond, said on Monday, May 10, that she has written to the Commissioner of Police, the Director Of Public Prosecution, and the Prime Minister as Minister of National Security.

“We have not had an acknowledgment yet; I sent correspondence mid-week or last week so let’s give them a little time; however, I hope to hear from them before this week is out.”

Bacchus Baptiste represents Cornelius John, who says he was shot in the leg on April 13 at his home in Diamond.

John said three persons came to his home uninvited, one-shot him, another threatened him, while a third person looked on for a while then walked away.

To this date, there has been no official police release to the media, as is common in all incidences that would take place across the island where the police would issue a report for dissemination to the public.

Bacchus Baptiste on Monday said she has information on the third individual, who is a person of interest in the investigation.

“I have my information on the third person and am waiting, I have a name, I have his rank or what he was supposed to be doing, or maybe he was asked to go on a mission, and when he recognizes what was happening, he tried to withdraw because that is what it appears to be according to what my client is saying, but am waiting to see why they are shielding this person.”

Bacchus Baptiste, who was speaking on Hot97, was asked if the individual was a police officer, responded by saying.

“It appears that it could have been, am saying so now, but am waiting for them to release the name as they did with the assistant DPP.”

Government Senator Ashelle Morgan and Assistant Director of Public Prosecution Karim Nelson are persons of interest in the ongoing investigation.

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Comments (2)

  1. I can’t remain silent on this matter. I can’t.
    If these individuals are left unpunished, then a dangerous precedence will be set in the his country.
    We the people are demanding the Commissioner of Police to speak soonest.
    Commissioner of Police? You are to present that report…

  2. So…
    Could this be another case of “cover up?”
    School children say plenty such cases of cover up on plenty matters are in their school yards and so on.
    Funny how things does happen.