(St Vincent) A girl believed to be Fourteen years of age is said to have been abducted and raped on the island’s Windward side on Saturday.

It is understood the girl was walking from a village on the Windward Coast to an interior village when a motor vehicle with several guys and a woman stopped.

The woman, whom she is said to know, allegedly asked the driver to give the girl a ride.

It is alleged that the girl accepted the ride with the belief that she would be taken to her destination.

Somewhere along the way, the woman who offered her the ride, on reaching her destination, exited the vehicle leaving the teenaged girl to continue the journey with the guys in the car.

The girl never reached her destination in the interior village. Instead, she was taken beyond and away to a village near the volcanic hazard Red zone.

It is alleged that the girl was raped along the journey. The girl is said to have been taken for a medical examination.

 Source CIBS

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Comments (2)

  1. My oh my! What wickedness! The woman will have to identify the rapists to the police. Apparently, the woman thought that the guys were nice. Hmmm. I am sorry that she didn’t ride beyond her destination and ensure that the girl reaches her destination. Parents, girls, even boys too- take a serious warning from this article. Parents, teach your children about safety and the need to beware of taking rides with unknown persons. If someone you know is in the vehicle that offers you a ride, you may have to ensure that you come out of the vehicle first at your destination, before the person you know exits the vehicle. Even with known persons you still have to be very careful. Some guys who seem nice are really cruel!

  2. Absolutely outrageous!
    A full investigation of this matter is demanded!
    Rape? Oh Father, not again….
    And so many remain silent…